Xi Jinping's Government Reiterates China's Peaceful 'Reunification' Request With Taiwan: Can Have 'Social System Different From The Mainland'

A Chinese government spokesperson on Wednesday once again reiterated Xi Jinping’s proposal of peaceful "reunification" with the self-governing nation Taiwan. What

Happened: After weeks of military tussle and war games between the two nations, China's Taiwan Affairs Office envoy Ma Xiaoguang said that the country was willing to make the

greatest efforts to achieve peaceful "reunification," Reuters reported. See Also: Putin Says 'Not A Bluff' As He Announces Partial Military Mobilization: Russia Has

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SPAC's Investors Clamor For Better Deal As Time Runs Out: What It Means For DWAC And Truth Social "The motherland must be reunified and will inevitably be reunified," Ma

said while adding that the Xi government’s determination to safeguard its territory is unwavering, according to Reuters. Why It's Important: The two nations have long

indulged in political differences as China claims the island nation as its own territory, whereas the democratically appointed Taiwanese government rejects its sovereignty

claims. Meanwhile, Ma said after “reunification,” Taiwan could have its own "social system different from the mainland" to ensure their religious freedoms and way of

living, but that was "under the precondition of ensuring national sovereignty, security, and development interests." China has always offered Taiwan a "one country, two

systems" model, similar to that of Hong Kong, which was a former British colony and returned to China in 1997.