Russian State TV Says Queen's Funeral Was Ideal Time to Nuke U.K.

A Russian TV anchor has said that Moscow should have taken advantage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral to launch a nuclear missile strike on the U.K. The comment on the

program 60 Minutes was made by Olga Skabeyeva on the Russia-1 channel where there are frequent call for strikes against Western countries in retaliation for their support of

Ukraine's war effort. During a discussion on Monday, Andrey Gurulyov, a Russian member of parliament and a former army commander, disparaged President Joe Biden's appeal to

Vladimir Putin not to use weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear arms. When asked last week by CBS News about what his message would be to Putin if he was considering

WMDs to help his faltering invasion, Biden replied, "don't, don't, don't," adding that this would spark consequences, without specifying further. Meanwhile on Russian state

TV: State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov threatened Britain with nuclear strikes. Host Olga Skabeeva said that Russia should have conducted a nuclear strike on Monday, since

many important people were in attendance for the Queen's funeral.— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) September 20, 2022 But Gurulyov appeared to

dismiss the threat of any nuclear strike by Russia against Ukraine by suggesting that another target would be more likely. "Did you hear all that nonsense he was spouting?"

Gurulyov said of Biden, "what made him think we would conduct a nuclear strike against Ukraine?"