Queen Elizabeth II funeral ends: Live updates as royal family escorts casket to Wellington Arch

The U.K. and much of the world are mourning Queen Elizabeth II, who was celebrated at a funeral at Westminster Abbey Monday and will later be laid to rest beneath St George's

Chapel with her husband of 73 years, her sister Margaret and her parents. The queen's casket entered Westminster Abbey around 11 a.m. local time Monday, exiting

around noon after the funeral proceedings. King Charles III, the royal family and dignitaries from around the world arrived shortly ahead of the funeral. The

state funeral, expected to be the biggest gathering of world leaders in years, drew in millions of people to the streets of London and likely billions more to their TVs and

computer screens. The funeral and events surrounding it were designed to help unite the royal family and divided subjects while helping ensure the monarchy survives another

century. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. London’s mayor’s office said up to two million people could line the

streets as members of the royal family and hundreds of foreign dignitaries and heads of state descend on Westminster Abbey for a ceremony expected to be full of all the pomp and

splendor the monarchy can offer. More than 10,000 police officers were on patrol in London with reinforcements supplied from all of Britain’s 43 police forces, authorities