QB rewind for Week 2: How can Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears unlock their offense?

The pass was delivered with recognizable purpose and precision. Shotgun snap, quick play fake, then a short shuffle left and a decisive release. With his top receiver

making a crisp break on a slant route, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a fastball into Lambeau Field’s north end zone Sunday night. Allen Lazard, with inside

leverage on Chicago Bears rookie cornerback Kyler Gordon, snatched it with relative ease. Five-yard touchdown. Celebratory fireworks exploded in the fall sky. Then a

small end-zone soiree broke out. Surrounded by teammates, Lazard used the football as a kettle and began pouring a few cups of a mystery drink. Offensive linemen Yosh

Nijman and Jon Runyan Jr. took fake swigs from their imaginary cups, became woozy, then pretended to pass out in the end zone. Same for receivers Randall Cobb and Sammy

Watkins. “Just drinking some tea,” Cobb told reporters after the game. It was a tongue-in-cheek nod to Rodgers’ summer revelation that he experienced an awakening

during an ayahuasca tea high in 2020 in Peru, with the psychoactive drink taking him on a spiritual journey he believes helped him win NFL MVP honors the last two seasons.

With an increased focus on unconditional self-love and, as always, a concentration on beating the Bears, Rodgers often sees things other quarterbacks can’t, creating offensive

enlightenment with his playmaking flair. Sunday’s touchdown pass to Lazard was a prime example of a quarterback locked in and in total control.