Most of New York's new gun laws go into effect Thursday. What to know.

The bulk of New York’s gun laws passed in the wake of a related Supreme Court decision this summer go into effect Thursday, launching a full-scale overhaul of the

state’s current measures to restrict access to firearms.  The new laws, some of which will kick in on Sunday, impose a slate of new restrictions on those

applying to carry a gun, including new training requirements and a review of an applicant’s social media, and detail a number of areas where carrying a firearm is banned,

including churches, parks, festivals and most private businesses. Times Square is among the "gun free zones," and this week, officials discussed temporary signage that would go up

in the iconic New York City area to remind residents and visitors of the new laws. Laws passed during the Legislature’s session included requiring permits for

semiautomatic rifles, and raising the age to purchase those firearms to 21, from 18. These laws will take effect Sept. 4. Permits were already required for purchasing handguns for

those 21 and over.  But just after the session ended in June, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s “proper cause” clause, which was used to determine

whether an applicant had sufficient need to obtain a concealed carry license. The court ruled that it violated residents’ constitutional rights.