MCU: 15 Funniest Goofs & Mistakes That Made It Into The Movies

Starting with the first Iron Man movie, the MCU has grown into the biggest franchise in Hollywood. The movies are massive superhero adventures that weave together different

stories throughout the cinematic universe in an incredibly crowd-pleasing way. But that doesn't mean the movies are flawless.

Every movie features the occasional mistake that slips past the filmmakers and ends up in the final movie. From on-set mistakes to

inconsistencies in the mythology to those simple continuity errors, these goofs might not ruin the MCU movies, but they can provide a good laugh when fans spot them.

Updated on August 31, 2022 by Colin McCormick The MCU continues to grow

with Phase 4 nearly complete and plenty more exciting projects on the way. But as much as fans might love the MCU movies, they are certainly not perfect. Each new entry in the

cinematic universe is filled with goofs and mistakes that fans will no doubt catch on their many rewatches. And while the filmmakers might have wished these aspects didn't make

the final cut, they can be pretty funny when you notice them.