John Muir National Historic Site - California

Epic Guide to John Muir National Historic Site in California including things to do, history, tours, nearby camping and lodging, and so much more.John Muir National

Historic Site John Muir is often called the father of the National Park Service. Muir also started the Sierra Club and was the president until his death in

1914. John Muir NHS preserves the house that John Muir lived in for the last 24 years of his life. The house was built by Dr. John Strentzel who was John Muir's

father-in-law.About John Muir National Historic Site The John Muir National Historic Site was declared a National Historic Site in 1964.  John Muir is one of the most

influential conservationists in United States history.  He was a prolific writer writing books and magazine articles about natural history. If you are in the area

make sure and visit Muir Woods National Monument which is also named after John Muir. John Muir is the father of American conservation. The Scottish born Muir was heavily

influenced by the writings of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson and himself became one of the greatest of nature writers. He was a pioneer in recognizing the havoc

man was inflicting upon the wilderness and that led to his greatest achievements which were founding the Sierra Club in 1892 and leading the campaign for conservation, preserving

Yosemite, and establishing National Parks.