Grave concerns for pilot of plane missing near Mount Beauty, Victoria

The pilot of a recreational aircraft that went missing between Mount Beauty and Corryong in Victoria's high country is in "grave and imminent danger", according to

authorities. The Jabiru plane had one person on board, who last made contact at 12:41pm on Sunday afternoon. The search area has been refined to an area between Mount

Beauty and Corryong. The aerial search coordinated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority had to be called off overnight due to poor weather and low

visibility. AMSA response duty manager Dan Gillis says the difficult search conditions and time passed since the pilot went missing are of serious concern. "We've got

what we call a distress phase, we're concerned the pilot is in grave and imminent danger. "The terrain is mountainous and densely vegetated and the aircraft is well overdue

to arrive and well past endurance, in terms of the fuel that it had on board." AMSA sent two helicopters and a fixed-wing rescue aircraft from Melbourne to search the area

yesterday, and this morning additional rescue helicopters are on stand-by to continue the search once conditions improve. "Our rescue aircraft is overhead monitoring weather

in real-time," Mr Gillis said. Police rescue units are on the ground searching trails in the area. "It's extremely challenging in that area," Mr Gillis

said. "Searching on the ground away from the main trails and fire access routes is extremely difficult, and searching from the air even in good weather conditions is quite

challenging due to the dense vegetation and mountainous terrain.