Dr. Oz bought Palm Beach mansion with help of man embroiled in fraud scheme

Among Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz's 18 known real estate investments, none is larger or more valuable than Louwana, a 10-bedroom historic beachfront mansion in

Palm Beach, Florida. The 18,559-square-foot estate has been valued at more than $36 million, according to local appraisal records. In an interview with Boca Raton Magazine

in 2018, the celebrity physician described the mansion as "our house" and raved about Palm Beach, which he said was "like a playground to me in many ways." The opulent

Florida property has so far escaped the level of attention given to some of Oz's other houses, such as the New Jersey mansion where he resided for years until 2020. Oz's

Democratic opponent in the hotly contested race, Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, has highlighted the New Jersey residence in viral social media videos,

including one starring "Jersey Shore" cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.  Oz's campaign has sought to move past questions about his residency and real estate, but the Palm

Beach mansion brings with it a unique set of political concerns for Oz as he tries to rebuff allegations that he's "sort of parachuting into Pennsylvania," said Penn State

Harrisburg political science professor Daniel Mallinson. "It just all kind of plays into that narrative that they're trying to, I think, push back against," Mallinson

said.A real estate partner with legal trouble Oz purchased the mansion in 2015 with the help of Florida attorney Leslie Evans, whom the deed describes as a trustee for the