Dodge Charger Super Bee Offers Standard Drag-Strip Tires

When Dodge first rolled out the 2023 Challenger and Charger, it promised seven limited-run Last Call special editions. We've already seen the first -- the Dodge Challenger

Shakedown -- and now it's time to check out something with a little extra interior space and a whole lot of grip. Dodge this week unveiled the 2023 Charger Super Bee, the

second Last Call model to make its debut. As with previous vehicles to carry the Super Bee badge, this latest iteration is meant to be a car that can hang out on the street or the

drag strip, right from the factory. The 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee helps achieve this with a set of factory-installed drag radials, measuring 275 millimeters wide on Scat

Pack models and 315 mm on Scat Pack Widebody variants. Its adaptive dampers also include a Drag Mode. A set of factory hood pins keeps the drag aesthetic going, as well.

Eighteen-inch wheels are standard on the Widebody, with the standard body receiving 20-inchers. Otherwise, the changes are mostly aesthetic in nature. The Super Bee adds --

you guessed it -- Super Bee badges inside and out, in addition to a big ol' Super Bee graphic on the hood scoop, as well as some striping on the rear fenders. The exhaust tips are

black, and the brake calipers are red. Inside, there's more Super Bee badging and logos on the seat backs.