22 of the USA's most underrated destinations

Disney World, Times Square and Yellowstone National Park can be packed to the rafters with tourists. But there are plenty of other places across the United States that continue

to fly beneath the travel radar. While there are literally hundreds of locations that fit that description, here are 22 destinations – from cities and national parks to

regions and even entire states – that remain refreshingly underrated despite the surge in travel this year. They’re listed geographically from the Northeast to the Pacific.

Western Massachusetts boasts the Berkshires while the state’s eastern end is anchored by Boston and Cape Cod. So what’s in the middle? Plenty. Central Massachusetts The

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield is where the sport was born in 1891 as a rainy-day YMCA indoor activity, while the city’s Amazing World of Dr. Seuss

Museum & Sculpture Garden celebrates the Springfield-born children’s author. One-off shops, restaurants and the LGBTQ scene make Northampton worth a visit or hop across

the Connecticut River and hike a portion of the New England Trail through the north woods. Block Island, Rhode Island Block Island boasts more than 30 miles of coastal and

inland trails. - Maria Hoffman/Adobe Stock Unlike the other big isles off southern New England, this offshore slice of the Ocean State has gone the extra mile to preserve

its natural environment. In fact, the Nature Conservancy declared the petite isle one of a dozen “Last Great Places” in the western hemisphere. Wildlife refuges and other

nature areas protect 40% of Block Island, and residents are renowned for their fierce opposition to anything that might imperil their pristine Atlantic home.